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Years ago, Honey George and I went to visit someone at their house. Before ringing the doorbell, we couldn't help but notice a plaque beside the door hanging on a nail that read something like this: "WE'RE NOT HERE! WE'RE EITHER #1. OUT GARAGE SAILIN' #2. OUT FISHIN'
Now, that was funneee! Did you know The Lord may not say it this way, but He sometimes says in His way, "AIN'T NUN YER BIZNESS." When Jesus told how He would glorify GOD in His death, He then said to Peter, "Follow Me." Peter immediately turned around, saw what John was doing and said to Jesus, "But Lord, what about this man?"
When GOD shows us from His Word what He wants us to do, or stop doing, do we look around at someone else and whine, "But Lord, You don't make other people do that, why me?" or do we say, "GOD, that's not fair! Why do I have to do it?" That's what a whiney-baby child would say when they don't want to do something. Are we guilty of judging GOD's Words instead of allowing them to
judge us? GOD forbid!!
After Jesus told Peter to follow Him, and after Peter talked back to Jesus instead of saying, "Yes Sir!" Jesus said to him, “If I will that he remains till I come, what is that to you?
(In other words: AIN'T NUN YER BIZNESS!) "
You follow Me.” John 21:19-23
"Follow Me" might mean to the inner streets
Or "Follow Me" could mean, washing people's feet
"Follow Me" might be through the jungle, or in the hood
Or "Follow Me" could mean just go about doing good.
"Follow Me" could mean staying at home and often times lonely
Or "Follow Me" could mean, learn street talk, "Yo Homey!"
"Follow Me" means becoming all things to all men
Without sinning with them, show them you've been born-again.
"Follow Me" means to take up your cross and die
To all your wants and ways and wishes, "put on the Mind of Christ."
"Follow Me" is to love in thought, and in deed, and truth:
With every generation; whether adult, child, or youth.
"Follow Me" will require no place for chips on your shoulders:
If you will be in GOD's Army, you must be courageous soldiers!
Knowing you have ONLY ONE enemy, and he's not
made of flesh and blood:
"Follow Me" is to discern what is evil, and what is good!
"Follow Me" is to let others see you are holy in your thoughts:
No wicked thing is before your eyes; for you stay on watch.
"Follow Me" is listening attentively to the needs around you:
If you'll listen in love beyond the words you hear, it will astound you!
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