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A Christmas Story

A little boy asked his teacher at school,
"Is Santa Claus still alive?"
Not knowing how to answer,
His teacher cringed inside.
Seeing his teacher was troubled
The boy said, "It's okay!
Just tell me the truth,
And I will go away."
The teacher was quite taken
With her student's startling question:
He was looking up at her and she had some objection;
But, then she thought of her own children,
And how they too were in school:
She'd want their teacher to tell the truth
"Here goes" she would try not to sound cruel.
"The answer to your question," his teacher replied,
When you asked me "Is Santa Claus still alive?"
Santa was a good man, but he died years ago."
"I KNEW IT!" shouted Jeremy, "I thought that was so."
The teacher hoped she hadn't disturbed the young boy in her class.
"Then Teacher, why is Christmas still going on?" he asked.
His teacher bent down to Jeremy's level
Smiled and told him, "It's like this....
Santa Claus isn't alive anymore, but Jesus Christ is!"
Jeremy said to his teacher, "Now I'm really confused:
I thought Jesus died on a cross after He had been abused."
Teacher smiled again at him then explained as best she could:
Why Jesus was born and had to die with His Hands in wood.
"Jesus gave all He had, even His very life;
He did it to take the punishment we deserve, you and I."
“For GOD so loved the world, He gave His one and only Son,
That's the Greatest Gift, and that's why Christmas still lives on!”.

GOD's grace in Dawn Gwin 12-16-15
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