A Dream

I just dreamed this story of a twin brother and sister: They saw a go-cart they both wanted very badly and asked their Dad for it. He could tell it was something they both had their heart set on and decided this would be a good time to teach them, "Something of value is worth waiting for and saving for!" He told them if they would save up their allowance, he would match what they had.
The two were all for it at first... until their first allowance. They were ready to waste it... on the first app they saw for their iPad. The urge was so strong, neither one could resist. That weekend they saw the go-cart again and wanted it as badly as they had the first time. This time they agreed and told their Dad to hold their allowance each week until they could save for their heart's desire. The Dad refused though. Instead of holding their allowance back, he bought them each a small keepsake box that had a lock and key and encouraged them to use it. Along with that the Dad reemphasized these words: "Something of value is worth waiting for and saving for!"
What are you waiting for? The Lord said to us, "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." When we think on His Word, and not on what would please us for the moment, He plants new desires in us that are way beyond what we could dream up. Whether or not the twins kept their eyes and thoughts on the prize (the go-cart) I don't know; but let us be compelled to keep our eyes on the promises GOD gave us. He said in Hebrews "After you have endured, you'll receive the promise." If we're not careful, we will continually think on what we don't have yet, instead of enjoying the blessings of those around us now.
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