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A Land Called Liberty

I once knew a man who was deeply in debt. He had no hope of ever seeing the light. He worked two jobs to provide for his family in a land owned by the richest man. This man owned the cattle on a thousand hills; but despite his wealth, he was kind and tender. The name of the poor man was, Beggar. And the owner of the land was named, Lord Valiant.
Lord Valiant heard of Beggar’s misfortune and wanted to be of help, so he devised a plan to meet the poor man the following evening. The next day, Lord Valiant waited outside the door of Beggar’s employment, and soon the poor man stepped out; his eyes beheld quickly, the One whom he knew had to be in great authority, and so he bowed to the One whom he knew not, because he felt so small.
Feeling only compassion for the poor man, Lord Valiant stooped down and lent a hand to help the poor man up. Grateful for the kindness shown him, Beggar lowered his eyes and nodded to make known his gratitude and respect; then turned to walk away.
Lord Valiant called out to Beggar with authority, “Halt, young man!”
The poor man, startled by the request, and shaken, halted at once of course. “Yes sir?” he cried. Lord Valiant looked into Beggar’s eyes, as though he were seeing right into his heart, as he introduced himself: “I Am the Owner of this land!” he declared, and then continued, “I own every business and every home is mine. Even the dust under your feet is in my possession.
Therefore, every person in the land should heed my words and fear and even reverence Me. I Am Lord Valiant and this is my land, understood?”
Quite humbled by the words of Lord Valiant, and astonished at his majestic manner, the poor man bowed and kissed the feet of the owner, hoping to gain approval. “Y..Y..Yes Sir, I understand.”
“Word has come to Me”, said the Owner, “that you are a poor man; wretched and hopeless, and most miserable; also unable to care for yourself properly, due to poor health. I also hear you have a body racked with pain, and you work two jobs to meet the needs of your family; but the wages I hear tell, are insufficient to pay for your daily bread. Tell me then Beggar, this thing I hear, is it true?”
“Yes, tis true,” replied Beggar, shamefully. “I realize a man of my stature is even less than a man.” Beggar got on his knees and began to weep; then he continued on: “Lord Valiant, I know I don’t deserve to live in Your land; but if You could, please have mercy on me and my poor relatives, that we might stay in Your land. I will work yet another job, if need be. O, Lord Valiant, please say we can stay!!? I and my family will be your slaves, just do not throw us out of your land, I beg You!”
The crowd marveled at the answer given by the owner, Lord Valiant, when He stooped down to Beggar’s level and spoke to him there. “I give to you My favor!” declared the Owner. And “Poor man, what are the debts you owe, to the very last mite?”
The poor man went on and on about all the insurmountable debts from many years past that he owed. Beggar wept bitterly, so ashamed of his hopeless state and ignorant carelessness. Nevertheless, Lord Valiant had compassion on the poor man and asked as though he had a great concern, “Beggar, if you were out of debt, would you fight hard to stay that way?” Beggar, on such a happy thought, replied in astonishment, “Why yes of course! I would fight to keep my freedom, for I would be most happy, and especially relieved to be loosed from my yoke of bondage.” “Then”, said the Owner with authority in His Voice, “Go then, at once! Consider it done My friend! You are free; for I make your debts, Mine. They shall no longer be in your name, but in the Name of Lord Valiant. Do not doubt, but believe. Live your life here in peace, owing no man anything except only to love them, as I have shown you.” Lord Valiant continued mercifully, “Your name shall no longer be called, “Beggar”, for I give you a new name; you shall, from this time forth, be called, “Blessed.” Your relatives will not be My slaves; instead they will be My friends from henceforth, even forevermore!”

And, so it was; the poor man no longer existed, but a man of contentment with a new nature took his place. He and his family were blessed coming in to the land and blessed going out. They had found a friend that never fails; One who loves at all times. They lived happily ever after in…..A Land Called Liberty. Amen.

Galatians 5:1 “Stand fast therefore, in the liberty to which Christ has made you free; and do not be entangled once again in the yoke of bondage.”  Story by: GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 2004
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