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A Light and a Lamp

Before turning into our driveway, George and I often stop and check our mail on the side of the road right before our driveway. When we stop, George sometimes turns off the van lights before turning in. He just did that, and almost missed our driveway, where we have a ditch on both sides of it. Sometimes we think we are so used to something, we can do it on our own without a light. Wrong! This answered my question I had this past weekend: I said, "Father GOD, why do we need a "lamp unto our feet" and "a light unto our path?" "Why not one or the other?"
When George opened his van door, we could see everything in the van, just where we were, but nothing outside of where we were, because it was too dark; but when he turned the low beams and/or high beams on, we could see around and what was ahead. Psalm 119:105: "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."
We need His Word, because He shines light on what we need to know in order to not slip back into our own understanding, and stumble. He said, "There is a way that "seems right" unto a man, but the end of it are the ways of death." We need His Words to keep from thinking like someone else has taught us that isn't true, and in a time like what we are living in, with all the teachings going around, we need TRUTH, and it is only found by reading it, for "His Word is truth." We need His Words to guide, comfort, encourage, and to make plain our path, so we'll know where to go next, or else we're trying to drive in the dark without our lights on.
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