A New Perspective
I am still laughing at a comment my grandson Caden made while visiting with us for a few days.
He and his brother, Hunter made several funny comments that I will most likely be sharing with you from time to time. Several of us were playing a game called, “Apples to Apples” when the word “Woman” was brought up by his mom, Tiffany.  Caden quickly corrected her by stating his mom is “not a woman.” We all giggled and Tiffany asked, “Then what am I?” Caden looked at her like she was looney and answered matter of factly, “Uhh! You’re a GIRL, you know that!!”
It was so funny to watch his expressions. When Tiffany asked him, “What is a woman then?” Caden replied intelligently, like he was teaching his mom gently, and said, “Mom, a woman is an old lady, and she has to be at least 80 years old!” Hahaha!! I almost split a rib over that one. And if that wasn’t enough: I (in my 50’s) asked Caden, “Am I a woman?” He wasted no time, looked up at me with raised eyebrows, and said, “O yes, most definitely!”  How FUNNY is that?!
Children can have such a refreshing outlook on things sometimes. On the other hand, their perspective can be way off at times, but cute. I wonder how much GOD laughs at us?
I remember when I was a new Christian. Once I said, “Father, now I have waited and waited on You to answer this!” (whatever it was.) I was stunned when He answered me back in my spirit and said, “I have waited and waited on you too!” I came to realize I had the wrong perspective. I was waiting on GOD to perform His Word, and He was waiting on me to perform His Word. Yikes!!
A man named Nicodemus in John chapter 3 had the wrong perspective. He came to Jesus one night (Nick at night) and admitted his belief that Jesus came from GOD. When Jesus told Nicodemus he “must be born again” if he were to ever see Heaven, Nick told Jesus that was silly to think you can go back in to your mother’s womb all over again. Jesus let him know he’d already been born in the flesh through his mother; but he needed also to receive life in his spirit (which is our person, who we are) by a Heavenly Father, so he could be adopted and become His. That could only happen by hearing the Word of GOD, (which is the water Jesus spoke of to Nicodemus when He told him he had to be born of “water and the Spirit of GOD.”) Ephesians 5:26 speaks of the water being “the Word of GOD.” I love it that He gives us understanding of His Word, the Bible after we become His child.   Before we are “born-again” and given life in our spirit, we cannot understand the things of GOD; they are foolishness to us when we hear them. But GOD unlocks our understanding once we become His, giving us a new perspective of Him, and on godly things.
July 25, 1984, I read Romans 10:9-10 and heard GOD speak it to my heart: “If you will confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart GOD raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Saved is born-again.) I did what He told me to do. I said with my mouth, “Jesus is Lord I guess, if You say so.” (I was just being honest.) Then I added, “And, do I believe GOD raised Him from the dead? I guess so, if  You say so.”  I have never been the same since. He gave me a new heart, one that would understand His. He gave me life in my spirit and I became alive for the first time.
There is a Verse in Colossians 2:6 that says “As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him.” I received Him by believing Him enough to do what He said and confess that out loud.  I continue to know Him and follow Jesus by believing Him enough to read His Word and do what it says, and I confess He is Lord and King of my life, not me. I believe GOD raised Him, and raised me from my dead sinful state also. After we’re born-again, we are forgiven all our past, and given a clean slate. I can dirty mine up pretty quickly; but thank GOD, I confess my sins and He is so kind to lovingly forgive and cleanse me, and lead me to right thinking again. I love this journey! It’s difficult, but worth it; it would be a whole lot more difficult and stressful without His wisdom, His guidance, His merciful lovingkindness, and Him allowing us to see things from His perspective.

Happy Thoughts !!!
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