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A Penny
I read a sweet story or poem about a penny once, and will try to remember to look it up and share it on here later; but for now I want to share my heart and how GOD has sent me so much comfort, hope, and trust in Him many times through A Penny.
Each of us have private thoughts, and tender moments with a family member, and/or GOD in our quiet times with Him. (Some of my times with Him aren’t so “quiet” because I’m busy yackin’ the whole time and not inhaling long enough to hear Him speak.)
The following is so precious to me: The first time I remember it happening, I had parked in the Wal-Mart parking lot, and pictured in my mind how far I would have to walk, all the way across the lot, through the store to the back in the electronics department. With the pain in my hip and leg, I said, “Father, how am I going to go all the way there and back?” Right that instant, I got out of the van, looked down and saw A Penny. I picked it up and immediately the words on the front stood out as if they were the only thing on there: “IN GOD WE TRUST.”
Those words were spoken to me in my spirit right that instant by our precious Lord & Savior, and they saved me that day from fretting and fearing and they freed me up to not think on myself/on the pain, but to notice the people around me and see who needed a smile, a prayer, or word, or a touch from Jesus in me. I didn’t think of the pain, wouldn’t let myself. He said I could put my “trust” in Him, so I just did. Many times this has happened. In fact, it has occurred so many times, my husband and ministry partner have witnessed it several times when they came to open my car door, and there was A Penny. We may have just been talking on a subject and asked, “I wonder what we should do?” or, “How is this going to work out?” or, “Lord, what should we do about this?” Soon afterward, there it is on the ground, or somewhere… A Penny.
I got tickled one afternoon when we were discussing the tragedies in the world, and “Look what’s happening to the Christians!” I got out of the van, and there was A Penny.
Even if we die by choosing GOD, I don’t believe we will feel it because of what happened to Stephen in the Bible in Acts 7 while they were stoning him.
Besides, that Scripture that says, “O death where is thy sting” in I Corinthians 15 is so beautiful to me, because I feel like it is a slap in the devil’s face, but is also a great comfort to us!
So dear one, from now on, when you see A Penny, let it cheer you, comfort you, even strengthen you and put a praise in your mouth to the One Who loves you most! Don’t miss the blessing He sends your way…. A Penny.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 04-04-15
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