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A Piece of Your Mind

Remember, if you give them a piece of your mind, you won’t have
many pieces left.

This moment will be over in a little while: why not keep your cool till then?
Being unselfish helps you to put up with difficult circumstances until things improve. A little humor doesn't hurt either.

My Aunt Corine is very wise. Used to, when I was going through a trial and I would say that a person was “getting on my dirty nerves,” Aunt Corine would say, “You can stand anything for a little while.” I would sometimes hear her say that to others, and the more I heard it, the more it helped me, and still helps me today. It plays in me like a tape recording. That’s why we need the Word of GOD so much; because the Holy Spirit brings it back to our remembrance when we need it. David said in the Psalms, “I hide GOD’s Word in my heart, so I might not sin against Him.”

Love is looooooooong suffering, and kind all the while!
Rather than to stand before GOD ashamed, wouldn’t you like to come to the end of your trial knowing you pleased the Lord?
Yep! Dat's wat I tought!

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