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A Place of Brokenness
We all have to come to a place of brokenness before we finally look up and realize we need a Savior. I felt led to write this for someone (I don't know who, but GOD does.)

I Need A Savior
I can't even stand, I have to crawl;
For I am broken, with no strength at all.
I gave all my best for the devil's tool...
Now he laughs and treats me cruel.
GOD, before Your throne I bow:
You want me to change, but I don't know how.
These addictions are crippling me
Creating a person I don't want to be!
They paralyze my mind and my soul
I can't feel or care, for they took control.
I know I don't deserve it GOD; but please hear my prayer!
Where is the Cross? O, won't you lead me there?
Then let me stay for a while
Until You and I are reconciled:
May I touch the Cross where Your blood spilled?
I know I don't deserve to live.
My hands are empty, and I've nothing to give:
May I be forgiven, because You live?
There is nothing good in me that will change my behavior:
I realize now, GOD, I need a Savior!
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