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A Portrait of Jesus

The young girl woke up from a coma of eight days
She was bursting with light all about her like sun rays:
When she opened her eyes, she couldn't wait to say
Who she had heard and who visited her that day.
Her big sister was the only one in the room
And buzzed the nurse as soon as she came to:
Big Sister called their Mom, then Dad on his job
Said, "You've got your other daughter back!"
they began to sob.
The young girl was happy to see her Dad & Mom;
But mostly, she couldn't wait to tell everyone:
She said, "I saw the most beautiful Man, Mom & Dad!
He came and visited me just now and stood by my bed.
He touched me and said, "Wake up precious Girl!"
"I've got a lot of plans for you in the world!"
Then their daughter asked them, "Where did He go?"
Her Dad replied, "Sweetheart, we don't know."
Her Sister told her, "I've been here all along,
Whoever He was, He is gone!"
Her Sister and Dad asked her together,
"What did He look like?" "Yes, please tell us!" said Mother.
"Well, “His Face was like the most beautiful flower in the world!
And His Eyes were like diamonds!" said the little girl.
She smiled when she said, "And His Face was bright
Like a bunch of stars twinkling at night.
His Hair was black like my teddy bear,
Except" she said and pointed to her shoulder,
"It was long, down to there.
And He told me Jesus was His Name
He said He loved me and that's why He came."
The little girl has never been the same,
And her eyes twinkle too ever since that day.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 10-24-15
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