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another Project of Psalma Mama aka Dawn Gwin

Psalma Mama
aka Dawn Gwin
A Prayer For Every Nation

Our GOD in Heaven, transform our nation
With a love in action transformation!
In Jesus' powerful Name, wake us from our slumber and complacence again!
We are in pursuit, Lord GOD, anew;
To hear and to see, Lord, we're hungry for You!
Come dwell in our praise O Ancient of days:
Most Famous One! Three in One: Father, Spirit, and The Son!
Come dwell in our praise as we look to Your Face,
In all our ways, may we please You! GOD, all our days may we please You!!
We are so far away from where we need to be:
The Body of Christ is scattered, and battered, cause us to see.
Because we've turned our affection to things that don't matter!!
They don't matter! They don't matter! They don’t matter!
So Lord, divert our attentions now in this Season:
Be magnified to and through us, be our Vision!
That our heart's be transparent alone, is what I ask
That wall to wall love overflow to each one in our path.
All around us are many "things" we could pursue:
But help us O Lord GOD, to just want YOU!!

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 04-15-16