Tag Team for Jesus Christ
A Prayer for My Friends

Good Morning Father! Thank You for listening when I call
And Thank You that You see my burdens big and not small
I don't know how to put in to words exactly how I'm feeling
Thank You for caring, for hearing all and seeing
Coz’ Father, You know my friends are in such pain
Their hearts are Yours, O how they need Your help again:
Please intervene with what only You can give
They can’t go on without a Word from You to live
They’re just existing, they need Your help to go on:
I pray You’ll reveal Yourself as their All-Sufficient One
Today, Lord today! Let them know You better, draw them to Your Side
Hide them in the secret place and teach them to confide
In You, in You! Let all sadness pass away, and when they come away,
May their mouth be filled with praise today, in Jesus’ Name!
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