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A Really Good Answer

I was reading in Luke 20 just now and don't you love the way Jesus talks so incredibly wise to those trying to trip Him up?! The religious people tried to trick Jesus into saying He didn't obey the laws, but GOD alone; but Jesus taught that obeying the laws of the officials, is obeying GOD. I love it when He demonstrated this by saying, "Show me a penny." HAHA!
He is so clever, I love it!!
Don't you love it when He does the same thing when someone asks you a question and tries to trip you up? He gives such words of wisdom on how to answer them, when you ask Him.
I'd like to share one such story with you: I was on a morning walk and saw my neighbors outside, so greeted them. They asked me to "Come on up" so I did, again we got on the subject of "GOD." (Hmm, wonder how that happened! HA!)
The man again insisted he didn't believe in GOD; but I told him GOD believes in him. I don't believe in being at all pushy, that's not GOD's way!!
Okay, so the man asked me a question to trip me up, and I knew it, so the whole time he was asking, I prayed asking The Lord to give me the answer. While the man asked the question, I said, "Lord, I have no idea what this question is going to be, and I am quite sure I don't know the answer either, so please give it to me for him." And did He ever! This may help you too when you're talking with someone.
The man asked me this: "Okay, if GOD is a GOD of "love" as you say, then why doesn't He punish all the wicked people who mistreat innocent children?"
I agreed it was a "Good question!" Inside I was saying, "And Father GOD, I know You have a really good answer, and this would be a really good time for You to give that answer." I love it the way He gives the answer while it's coming out of your mouth, when you don't even know what you're going to say. It was brilliant!
The answer was, "Okay, so if you have a nine year old child and they have a friend over. And say, that friend sees the Mama's purse sitting on a table and gives in to the temptation to go look for money in the purse and the Mama's son doesn't stop the so called "friend" from taking a $20.00 bill out. They get caught standing by the purse, with the bill in their hand. Who are you going to punish? Your own child has been taught never to go through his Mom's purse; but the other boy is not your child." I asked the man this question, "So, which child do you discipline... yours or someone else's?" This time my neighbor said, "Good question!" Then he answered, "I would discipline my own." I then explained to him that GOD told us, "Judgment begins in the house of GOD" that is, He is disciplining His Own children now; then afterward, He'll take care of the other person's children."
Thank You GOD! That was a GOOD ANSWER!!! Amen.
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