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Hello my Dear Internet Friends & Fam! I would like to share with you a story that happened with me in it when I was a child:

When I was 9 yrs. old, I had a friend named Linda up the road who was 11 yrs. old. She double-dog dared me if I would eat a cricket, she would eat a grasshopper. I told her "NO WAY" for the longest. After a while though, I gave in to peer pressure, took the cricket from her hand and threw it in my mouth. Now, the thought of hearing the cricket crunching was unbearable, so I wasn't about to chomp on it with my teeth (poor little thing.) So I tried to swallow it whole. Only thing was, I was screaming and screeching so much, it would make me exhale the whole time, so he couldn't go down. Yukky pooey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, long story short, I learned a new dance while trying to get that cricket to go down, and when I finally swallowed it and was able to keep it down, Linda laughed so hard as she held her stomach and said, "I can't believe you actually DID IT!" She ran to tell her Mama, while I yelled out, "Wait a minute, you forgot to eat the grasshopper!" She kept laughing and said, "Nah Man, I ain't eatin' that nasty thing, you kiddin' me?" So, I learned a valuable lesson that day! Two lessons really: Number 1. Don't eat bugs! I had bad dreams of that poor little cricket trying to crawl back up and get free. It was just awful I tell ya!!!!! And 2. Don't give in to peer pressure. If someone tries to talk you in to doing something foolish or wrong, don't give in. If someone gives you advice, and it is to not walk in love with someone, (For example, they say, "Girl, you need to erase your parents from your list of people in your life: you can't honor a Mother or Dad like that!" they'll say.) or they'll try some other way to talk you in to displeasing the Lord by doing something wrong, don't listen. The Lord says, if you don't listen, but do what is right instead, you'll be like a well-watered garden, or a tree planted by the springs of water, whose leaves will never fade, nor whither, "and everything you do will prosper." What a beautiful promise.
The Lord bless you with strength and courage to do the right thing, and pick out a better friend who is good for you instead.
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