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A Well of Water

Have you ever experienced this: yesterday I was so thirsty and thought to myself, "Hmm, one of George's soft drinks sure sounds good right now?"
I have a soft drink maybe once a month if that often, but yesterday, I had a Dr. Pepper, and later on, 2 Sprites. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Nothing seemed to quench my thirst. I was still thirsty, so I went and grabbed a water bottle from the kitchen, and that did it:
I wasn't thirsty anymore.
Before I really "knew" Jesus, I had a spiritual thirst. I had a need that could never be filled no matter what I tried. Drinking from a bottle helped for a minute, but it would always come back, and no matter what else I tried, nothing would satisfy the deep need I had until one day Jesus stopped by to visit me. He revealed Himself to me, and it didn't take long till I realized He was what was missing from my life.
Once I told the story from the Bible of the woman who lost a coin. Back then, the coin to her was like losing a stone out of her wedding ring. I asked a group of ladies if they ever lost anything. One said she lost a stone out of her wedding ring and later found it when it scraped her leg underneath her bed covers. Another woman said she was the piano player at her church and was to sing a special song in the service that morning, but when someone spoke to her and she spoke back she realized her dentures were missing. She had to quickly go back home and get them. We had a good laugh over that one.
Now, when the head stone in the corner of a house is missing, the rest of the house comes crumbling down.
Jesus is the missing stone in your life. O, you might have asked Him in your heart a hundred years ago, and talk to Him every day, but if He isn't the center of your life, something will be missing. Just run to Him and snuggle up close to Him in His Word, and He'll be right there. Don't let Him be missing from your life anymore.
Jesus told the woman at the well whoever drinks this water will thirst again; but whoever drinks the water I will give him, will never thirst again. The water I give will be in him like a well of water from deep within in that will overflow from him, giving new life,
and a life that lasts forever.
(The water is His Word, the Bible.)
Ephesians 5:24-26.
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