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I don't have to read the word, "Pickles" to know what's in the jar if I see the pickles. I know what pickles are supposed to look like. Now, if the label says, "Pickles" but I open the lid and see prunes in there, I'm going to know something doesn't look right. No one has to tell me when I see a tennis ball, "That's a tennis ball." I know what a tennis ball is supposed to look like.
What does your label say? Does it say, "Christian?"
If I say I'm a Christian, and you open the lid, or in other words, listen to my speech, watch what I laugh at, see my actions, my choices; or how I respond to trials, will my life say I'm a Christian, or does my label (me saying "I'm a Christian") deceive people around me?

Alexander the great conquered the world at a young age, and was honored as a leader with a good reputation. When he got word a 17 year old young man had dropped out of the war and went A.W.O.L., Alexander the great was furious. He had the boy found and brought to him. When the general asked the young man his name, the lad, looking down with shamed face mumbled, "My name is ... uhh... uhh" At that moment, the general stood up with great authority in his voice and insisted the drop-out raise his eyes to the general and state his name clearly. This time the lad looked up to the general as he had been commanded; but still with muffled tongue, he stuttered and stammered in intimidation before him. The general was angered, and his voice shook the walls when he yelled at the boy and told him to be a man and state his name. Immediately, the lad obeyed the general as he said loudly and clearly, "My name is Alexander Sir!"
"What is your name?" The leader insisted. "Alexander Sir!" he repeated.
This time the general walked over to the first step, lowered his eyes to the boy once more, looked him boldly in the eyes and very sternly, with stone face shouted loudly, as he pointed his scepter at the lad, "CHANGE YOUR CONDUCT, OR CHANGE YOUR NAME!!"
Again, if the store-bought pickles have prunes in them, the manufacturer would have to be notified to either change the product, or change the name on the label. O that we would examine our words, our actions, our motives, our choices, our "friends," our desires, and change them, or change our name.
We are here to represent The King of all kings. We have Royal Blood in us... yes, you too. You are valuable! Let us live up to The name, "Christian" which is saying to others, "I follow Christ; I'm putting on His thoughts. I have priestly garments that have been made white by the Blood of The Precious Lamb". Jesus is returning sooner than we all realize. Nothing of earth is worth hanging on to so tightly, we can't turn loose of it at the altar this morning.
Lord, let not these tears that I cry be in vain; but use them Lord Jesus to soften this clay. Reshape and mold me to Thy chosen form - here at the altar O Lord.
I know You've waited for me to say, "Lord, I surrender, have Thine Own way."
Up there on my pages may You record that You were exalted O Lord!
Bowing before You, I give up my rights to make all the choices in my own life.
You take the lead now, help me not to strive again - here at the altar O Lord!

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 03-25-15 3:00 a.m.
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