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All Things Have Become New in Your Life

The man asked GOD, "What can I do
I've nothing of value to give to You?
Besides, You have seen and heard all I’ve done:
I've dishonored you! You would not want me for Your "Son."
GOD said, "Jesus died for you while you were a sinner:
You see a loser, but I see a winner!"
A woman who wandered far from the fold
Gained a bad reputation we are told:
She was deeply sorry for her wrong choices,
And was shamed by scornful looks, and accusing voices.
Jesus met her by the side of the road
And offered to carry her heavy load:
The woman humbly said, "Yes, please do!"
And said she was sorry for all her sins too.
Jesus said, "The buzzards you see flying over your head
Are only to remind you, your old self is dead.
All things have become new in your life:
My yoke is easy, and My burden light.
You repented of your sins, now go learn of Me:
I AM meek, and I AM lowly:
Jesus told the man and the woman that day,
"Live for Me only, and I will walk with you always."
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