Tag Team for Jesus Christ
“Amen” with the Signet Ring

My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,
Do not allow fear in your mind:
Sometimes after you pray and believe,
The devil wastes no time:
He comes to steal the peace you have
When you trust in "Jesus' Name"
This is when you take authority
And stop his evil game.

"Get behind me devil, for it is written in GOD's Word,
GOD loves these I pray for, even more than the tiny bird.
He sees one sparrow fall, that is how aware He is of them:
I trust GOD, my Father with all I have given to Him!
GOD cannot lie, and He said when I pray what He desires,
I can believe and will receive, and He'll pull them out of the fires.
I have the promise that NOTHING will and that NO ONE can
Steal what has been placed into the Master's Hand.
My prayers are stamped with the signet ring
When I pray in the Name of Jesus and with thanksgiving:
Yes, my prayers are "Amen" with the signet ring
Of the Most High Majesty, and ever conquering King.

Hallelujah forever!"
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