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An Indian in Blue Jeans

I just want to share a story with you that happened when one of my sons was 4 years old: In order to leave the house by 6:00 a.m. I would get up before 5:00 a.m. so I could be there at 7:00 a.m.
One morning, I was up and it was still dark outside, when my little man came running in to the living room where I was. He was crying as he laid his head on my lap while I was doing my hair. I stopped and very concerned, I asked what was wrong. "I had a bad dream!" he said. He was crying, so I wanted to calm him down and asked what his dream was that he had. With his poochie lip and
his little tears streaming down his cheeks, he said,
"An Indian was coming in the window."
"Well, his Daddy had been watching his Western movies the night before, so I knew what that was about. Still trying to calm my Sweetie down, I asked him, "Where do you think the Indian lived?" He said, (with the most southern drawl,) "He was from downtown." It seemed to be working so far as he had stopped crying now, then I asked the WRONG question: "What was the Indian wearing Honey?" O no! I should have never asked that, because, he shut his eyes real tight and bellowed out the biggest cry just then. I thought to myself, "Poor little guy, I am not helping any! The Indian in his dream must have had guns and knives, and all sorts of awful weapons on him to make my baby cry like this." I held him close and brushed his hair with my fingers to try and calm him down. I said, "Mercy sakes! What in the world was he wearing?" My little Sweetie managed to get out the words while crying, "He was wearing MY BLUE JEANS!!!!" By now he was sobbing, bless his little heart, but I was wanting to laugh my head off because up till now, I had this Indian pictured to be this large muscle bound man with a tomahawk and the works! Now I had to picture him wearing a size 4T pair of blue jeans..... (Now that was the funniest cartoon picture I've ever seen!!)
The Lord put this story on my heart again this morning, and I feel like the reason He did was, to remind me and for me to remind you, different people have different fears, and we need to be understanding of those fears and help them to reality. GOD didn't make David feel foolish for his fears. David said, "I sought the Lord and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears." Praises be to GOD, because I have to go to The Lord often with my fear of falling again, fear of another snake in the yard (my husband killed 4 poisonous one's the other day already after all the rain); fear of what will happen to our children and grand's, and loved ones, and friends! Dadgum! We need The Lord all the time, don't we?!!
There are so many Scriptures for every fear, we just have to put our thoughts on them instead of what we fear. It's quite adventurous learning all of this, isn't it?
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