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As Providence Decrees

Father GOD, may we live out our lives as providence decrees:
Not by instinct, but judging right, after we’ve been on our knees
Wholly pleasing You, for You are our Father, and Lord Supreme.
O, may we follow Your bidding, whether by Word, or by dream.
Help us I pray, to exercise a judicious use of Your Word:
Being not a hearer only, but a doer of what we have heard.
With our predominant and constant characteristic being, a sober sagacity
Honoring Your will and surrendering ours to what has to be.
May our words, whether written or spoken, in poem, plain, or in rhyme
Bless our Father’s Heart dear Lord, simply all the time.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 11-11-15
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