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Bar for Sale

A wife talked her husband in to having her pastor over for lunch on a Sat. afternoon. While they were eating and having a pleasant conversation, her husband kept waiting for the preacher to tell him he needed to sell his bar if GOD was going to accept him. The preacher didn't bring it up; so after a while, the husband thought he'd help the preacher out and start the subject himself: "Every time a preacher has come by through the years, he always tells me I've got to sell my bar. Aren't you going to tell me that?" the husband asked.
The preacher just shook his head, "no" and kept eating. "Well, you want me to give up my drinking I know!" the man insisted. Again, the pastor shook his head, and replied kindly, "No." Pastor continued to engage in very pleasant conversation; even told a couple of funny jokes through the course of the meal that made the husband laugh pretty hard. During dessert, the man just knew the pastor was about to unload both barrels on him, and fuss at him about his language he accidently let slip. The pastor never did. When it came time to leave, the Pastor invited them both to the upcoming revival starting the next morning. Much to the wife's surprise, her husband smiled and said, "I'll try to be there." He was there, and even wanted to go back to the services that evening, and that's when her husband heard the Preacher give the gospel message in a way he understood, and he gave his heart and life to GOD right there. Guess what? Without anyone saying a word, the husband put his bar up for sale and sold it a week later. He followed Jesus for the rest of his life until this day. The Lord bless you today, and open your eyes to a clear understanding of His love, and plan and purpose for your life, in Jesus' Name, Amen.
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