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Be Happy For Me

I know you miss me and you wished I were there; O, but if only you knew what is happening here:
I am so happy! There are no worries, or fears, and I haven’t once shed a single tear.
David just told us about when he slew the giant: He told it so well, everyone was silent.
The three Hebrew boys are so animated! I wished you could see how they keep us captivated.
They sang “In The Garden” like I’ve never heard after telling about the fire, how they never burned.
I read it in the Bible, but it’s sure not the same as hearing it live from these brothers again.
Everyone here is so happy and busy! No one is sick, or crippled, or dizzy!
John the Baptist is so hysterically funny: he tells all these stories of how he never needed money.
He told me he was so glad when he died, so he could come to Heaven & get a “head” in life.
O, I am so happy here, and so complete: Job is the next one I hope to meet.
Moses is such a serious man. I’m going to ask him to tell me about the burning bush again.
Last time he told it, a few of us gathered round and got shivers on our shivers when he recalled the “holy ground:”
He said he thought he might die from the power he felt, and he could feel every bit of the wax in his heart melt.
He said “GOD’s Voice is like lightning and thunder - both of them combined together.
I just can’t hear these stories enough! And O, just wait till you meet LOVE!!!
GOD the Father is so loving and dear! I can’t even explain how great He is here!
I can tell He’s so happy to have each of us around! Every trial I ever went through is as nothing now.
Elijah told about the chariot of fire, how it blazed as he rose up higher and higher.
Elisha said that when he took his place, “I could never have done it without a double portion of Grace!!”
You could never imagine how much I’m laughing here: it’s the first time I’ve ever been free from all care.
I could go on and on about this Beautiful Place, full of nothing but love, no matter the race!
But there is Some One I have waited for last to tell you about: He lights up the whole place around Him about!
I can’t even begin to tell you what He is like: I just want to stare at Him all the time.
Please follow Him closely, He said “There’s much to do!” But so many things can be done only through you!
So please hurry while there is still time! He said, “The harvest is plentiful in this harvest of Mine!”
“Many are wandering around lost, and in fear: so go out and compel them and invite them here!!”
GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 03-27-15
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