Tag Team for Jesus Christ
Behold, The Rose!

Father, I stand amazed at Your goodness and Your love!
You are a Shelter we can run to and find grace enough!
In Your Light, we see Light, and know which way to go
Your Words bring health and healing to a troubled soul!
You satisfy my hunger with Your Living Bread;
You quench my thirst with the Water that can also raise the dead.
You take up for me when I am left out in the cold:
You come as the Refiner's Fire to purify as gold.
Your Mercy and Your Truth You send to purge and set me straight
Thank You for not leaving me outside the gate.
What a Good Shepherd You are, to lead and guide as You do!
I know my Master's Voice, when You call, I know it's You!
No one else can speak with such authority and love
None but You my Jesus, Who calls me Your "Beloved."
Fragrant and so beautiful is Your holiness I see!
My goodness does not extend to You, but Yours, my Lord, to me.
Thank You, You are never far, but You stay with us close:
We come through the thorns of life as we behold The Rose!
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