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Psalma Mama
aka Dawn Gwin

Someone said "GOD was mean to send that horrible storm and not let it stop until Jonah was thrown overboard."
"Then," they said," GOD made a fish to swallow Jonah whole and that was mean too."

But, what if GOD had let Jonah continue in his sin, without consequences? When the sailors saw how GOD dealt with his child, Jonah, they were made aware of the judgement of GOD, and were sore afraid!
GOD caused the terrible storm to cease, only after the sailors obeyed Him by throwing Jonah off the ship. Jonah’s disobedience was causing all those around him to suffer.
One person’s bad heart attitude in the house, or on the job can cause chaos if there is no sorrow for sin and repentance; which is an apology to GOD and change of thoughts for right thinking.

When they saw the mightiness of GOD, they cried out to Him and even made vows to GOD.
How kind it was that GOD sent a lifeline to Jonah when He could have let him drown. It was because GOD had a plan and He WILL have His way, one way or another.
GOD gave Jonah another chance to be fully obedient to Him.
Does anyone still think GOD is mean now? He lets us get by with our own way just so long, but since He didn't create us to live out our plan but His, guess what? He has to send a storm.

So what if no one understands the task GOD has called you to?
It doesn't matter. Yes, it may be entirely different than anyone else's? His plan is good, and was made in love, and He chose YOU. WOW!!! We were born to know Jesus and get out of the way so He can live His life in and through us.
It was between GOD and Jonah! Now it’s between GOD and me/ GOD and you!

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 12-13-17