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Book Launch
May 23, 2015

The book launch far exceeded my expectations today. There is a Verse in Psalms where David says he put his expectations in "The Lord." That Verse has helped me so much. We cannot put our confidence in man, because we are all human.
This morning I was sad when I realized none of my family would be at my book launch today; then deep in my spirit, Jesus said to me, "I will be there." O, how sweet that is!! And He was. He brought some friends with Him too who blessed us tremendously! When I say He brought some friends, it was five precious friends of mine who so encouraged me! Stephen Crow has a new c.d. out called, "Throne Room." I sure wished you all could hear it. He did two of his original songs that were sure a blessing to everyone. Afterward, Brittannee Haralson who sings like an angel got up and sang a couple of her original songs and so blessed our hearts. The sweetness and power of GOD were so uplifting to us all today.
Yesterday I saw an elderly couple sitting on their porch, and I overheard them reminiscing with smiles about their lives together. I thought to myself, "That is what GOD likes: when we lay our head down to rest at night and think over the things that happened throughout the day, and include Him in it." For instance, "Lord, wasn't that funny when that woman did that?" or, "Father, what did You think about that guy today that said all of that?" The Lord put it on my heart how much He loves those times with His children when we just share our thoughts and feelings, like a child does. In James Chapter 4:8, He tells us, "Draw near to GOD and He will draw near to you; cleanse your hands (stop doing what you know is wrong) and purify your hearts (do what is right.) Amen.

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