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Bless his puppy dog bonzies, this handsome lab, about 8 years old) rode in 6 different vehicles for close to 10 hours yesterday, but he made it, thanks be to GOD and all the volunteers who drove him here. Charlie went from Ft. Stockton, TX. to Odessa, got in another car and rode from Odessa to Midland, hopped in other car and rode to Abilene; from Abilene to Ranger; from Ranger to Ft. Worth, then from Ft. Worth to our house. Charlie has been used to living in a crate for 5 years; being let out twice a day to eat and potty, and that's it.
We are asking the Lord to help him adjust. He saw his first deer after we got him to our house. HA! He looked at that deer like, "What in tarnation happened to you?" I look so forward to Charlie finding out how FREE he is, and how LOVED he is, and how CONTENT and HAPPY he's about to be. Right now he's just not so sure how to respond, and looks like he's got some trust issues. Never thought about a dog having, "detachment disorder;" but that's going to go with plenty of TLC.
It kind of reminds me of when I met the Lord. Everyone was so happy for me, but I was taking it slow:
I look back and I see a girl whose heart was in the grave,
She'd always ask, "Why is it that this world was even made?"
Such sadness in the word, "love"... where is it anyway?"
She searched for years to only find mirages in every place.
She roamed on through the desert, fearing snakes and holes, and thorns
and wondered what her final destination had in store.
So lost, her battered soul was crying, "What is it I'm looking for? Can it really be found? I have opened every door."
Many hurts had past, the anger burned within her soul,
She hated those around her, for they wouldn't feel that hole.
Then Jesus knocked upon her door one glorious afternoon:
She wanted to ask Him in, but knew she didn't have the room.
Her house was filled with so many things, like fear, and depression;
Also mistrust from every past relation.
The devil had her bound by chains, and that she knew right well;
So, Jesus used His key of grace and unlocked every door of hell.
He set her free and loved her, and picked up all the pieces
From her broken life, and now her unworthiness ceases.
She grows more deeply in love with Him, as she learns His love for her:
And gets to know Him better each day; the Healer of all her hurt.
Each time the desert torment plays itself over again in her mind,
Jesus speaks so softly, "My Daughter, place your hand in Mine:
We will get through, me and you; you never have to be afraid:
All things now are new, the old is past, and I AM here to stay."
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