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Can’t Wait to See My Friend

Honey and I have been dog sitting our neighbor's dog for a few days. Took him a minute to adjust, but after a while he was growling at our own dog for trying to get near us. Ha! Was that ever funny! Their dog "Pepper" had settled down pretty good till he started to fit in to the place and get attached, then tonight the owners were returning back and it was time for Pepper to go home.
Don't get too attached here: this world is not our home, we're just passing through.
The L...ord urged us, "Love not the world, nor the things in it." Everything here is passing away. We're here for a short time, and our mission is to lay up treasures in Heaven where rust and moths can't destroy.
Our daughter from out of state has been here with us for the weekend, and is pulling out in just a few hours, headed for home. It sure has been good to have her with us, and I know she has enjoyed being here; but when she gets back to her own house, her pets who await her arrival, she will say, "Home Sweet Home!"
I wrote a song a while back that comes to mind right now, I'd like to share w/you.
When our kids would ride in the car with us, no matter where we were going, they'd be sitting in the back seat, and before ten minutes was up, they'd be saying,
"Are We There Yet?"
Vs. 1 There were times in my childhood
we would travel near & far
we liked to play the “cloud game” and,
“I spy something orange.”
Then mother would get this bright idea to “play the quiet game:” it was her favorite game i guess; the only one she knew by name.
But we could only be quiet for so long,
to stay awake, we’d sing a song, then when we were tired, we’d say, “i wanna go home!”
Chorus: Are we there yet? Is our journey through? Coz’ I’m a weary traveler, I don’t know about you. This road we’re on seems it will never end……..are we there yet? Can’t wait to see my friend!
Vs. 2 There are new challenges we face from day to day; the road I’m on depends upon choices I have made. My choice is the Savior, and I will see Him soon; He’s my best Friend until the end and He’s the Maker of the moon.
We can only travel for so long, to stay awake we’ll sing a song, then when we’re tired, we’ll say, “I wanna go home!”
Bridge: I await that sweet reunion day when the dead shall rise & those of His who remain. When Jesus calls his spotless Bride - His beloved to His side: with all our loved ones we will cry, “I  wanna go home!”
Are we there yet? Is our journey through? Coz’ I’m a weary traveler, I don’t know about you. This road we're on seems it will never end........are we there yet?
Can't wait to see my Friend!!

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