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Choose Life (Part Two)

Last night, the Lord's grace was shown so obviously to every one of us at the homeless shelter. You know how, when the Lord burdens your heart to pray certain things He wants to do in lives, you pray it, then watch Him act out the answers? WOW! Tears keep streaming down my face at the goodness, kindness, and powerful presence of GOD manifested last night.
I told the same story I told you earlier after Henry played a powerful praise video with Hezekiah Walker's "Every Praise." I was telling my story to maybe 40 or 50 that were there, and I could hear a pin drop, and all ears were most attentive. After my testimony, people came to me for prayer and it tore me up to hear their stories. One man was staring a hole through me it seemed, while I was telling them, "If you ever get to the point you don't want to be in this world anymore, talk to GOD about it. His Word says, "Choose life that you may live. You are valuable and GOD has you here for a reason. Ask Him to take over your life and finish it out with His plan and goodness and in His power, because we have no goodness of our own, and we can't make it without Him." I told them the devil has a plan to take them down, all the way down; but GOD is waiting for them to cry out to Him in sincerity and pour their heart out like water to Him. Then I got to share Romans 10:9, 10 which are the Verses GOD used to save my soul and make me His child.
The man told me, "I was just about to take my life after this meeting.... will you pray for me?" The Lord gave me such powerfully loving words for the man. He left happy and promised to GOD he was "choosing life right now, for as long as You want me here GOD, and You'll get me through."
Then a woman asked to speak w/me "privately." She looked at me closely in my eyes and said with trembling lips and tears, "I just want you to know, the words you said made me decide not to take my life tonight, which I was going to do. Will you pray for me?" How mighty is our GOD, and how kind He is toward the lost!!!!! He spoke to me clearly in my spirit while we were on the way there to the shelter, to share that part of my life with them at the mandatory meeting they have. See how good GOD is to not only give you the thoughts to pray, but every now and then, He allows us to stand back and watch Him answer. Most times, He answers, but we don't get to watch Him always. He keeps telling me His love has been shed abroad wall to wall in His people's hearts (Romans 5); all we have to do is learn how to walk in what is already in us. Praise our wonderful Lord Jesus! For those who are already His child, I know how the devil accuses us, and abuses us with lies, and thoughts of unworthiness, fear, anxiety, and failure. We are not exempt from battles in our mind; but GOD has promised He won't ever leave us to ourselves; and He has left us many promises for us to study out and grab hold of, so we will not despair of life, but "Choose Life, be strong and take courage; put on the whole armour of GOD, follow Jesus, and trust Him." Amen.
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