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Christmas Is in Our Hearts

A boy shouted, "Merry Christmas!" to his new neighbor next door:
His neighbor shouted back, "Thanks, but we don't believe in that anymore."
The boy walked over to his neighbor, in love and concern
And asked, "What do you not believe? You seem so unhappy Sir."
The neighbor asked, "Are you one of those people who say
"Jesus is the reason!" Isn't that just a cliché?
Seems to me, Christmas time is just a lot of labor
Another "money making scheme, if you ask me." said the neighbor.
The boy was stunned that someone thought like that, then asked the man,
"May I tell you why my family believes in Christmas, if I can?"
"Go ahead," replied the neighbor, "you seem much happier than I am.
Maybe you know something I don't know, and by the way, my name is Sam."
The boy said, "Hi, I'm Robert, then he reached out his hand,
The man took it while the boy said, "See! You believe in Christmas Sam!"
"You and I meeting and being kind this way,
This is exactly like a gift we give on Christmas Day!
My Mom and Dad say "Christmas is in our hearts anyway."
Robert continued, "It's not about buying, but giving!" That's what they say."
Sam replied, "Christmas is in our hearts anyway?" Well, it's not in mine!"
The boy smiled and said under his breath, "Jesus, You're right on time."
"Sam," the boy said, "you see that tree over by your drive way?
It's kind of like that: it looks dead, right now anyway.
But, when the leaves come, you'll know it's alive,
And that's the way our hearts are, till Jesus comes inside.
And He can't come in a heart with lots of sin in it;
When I found that out, that's why I repented.
I asked Him to forgive me and wash all my sins away,
He did, and ever since then, it's like it's always Christmas Day!"
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