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Christmas List in A Bottle

A husband and wife were determined one night to camp out on the beach
So they could watch the sun rise the next morning over the sea.
It got a little chilly at evening so the man had the notion:
To build a little fire as they sat overlooking the ocean.
They searched for wood together, and it wasn't but a minute
They both spotted a bottle by the rocks with a note in it:
Of course neither one of them could hardly wait to see
Where in the world it came from: this mystery bottle of the sea.
The couple forgot how cold it was, and besides, it didn't matter;
They just snuggled up real close, so they could read the letter:
It was signed by a girl named "Mary" who said she was only "7";
It had no date nor year, but was titled, "My Christmas List to Heaven.”
On the second line she wrote, "Dear Ocean, please see this gets to Jesus,
Mom & Dad say He’s coming soon, but I don’t want Him to miss us.
I only have these 5 things that I really, really wish
And it is very important that Jesus gets my Christmas list.
Because Santa Claus can’t get me this stuff, he can only bring presents:
But Jesus is bigger than Him and He needs to teach us some lessons.
Number 1. Will you make Mommy and Daddy stop being mean to each other?
They used to be real nice and they were so in love with each other!
Number 2. Will you help them not get so mad when they drive?
They used to be nice and wave and even smile at people sometimes!
Number 3. Please can you make them go to church too, they were happy when they used to go!
Number 4. Will you make them forget what each other done wrong, and just go play in the snow?
Number 5. Now that everybody’s in a good mood, we can be happy before Christmas is over!
Signed, Mary and I’m 7
Thank you Mr. Ocean! I know you’re way older!!!!!!
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