Tag Team for Jesus Christ
Come Back My Loved One

Where have you gone my loved one?
Please come back to us!
What is it that made you slip away?
And want to argue and fuss?
I fear for your life my darling!
You're not who you used to be:
The real you is fading
O GOD, help them to see!
My loved one, can't you see the darkness
Is attempting to swallow you whole?
The demons want to make you stop caring:
Their aim is to take full control!
Sorcery is not a part
Of GOD's plan for you:
This monster is stealing your beauty
And the best part of you.
The reason they fight and tempt you so hard
Is because of the threat to them that you are:
You cannot see their cruel ways;
Because they blinded you when you decided to stay.
Come back my loved one, please come back!
I'll help you fight when they come to attack.
I won't preach! And I promise, I will fight being religious:
If you will fight the slow suicide, choose life and be courageous.
Then together with GOD’s help,
We can make your dreams come true:
You said you wanted to be a “Hair Stylist”
Let’s make it happen, me and you!
I’m sorry I didn’t pay closer attention
To your needs back then;
But, let’s give each other a second chance,
And start all over again.
I Love You my loved one!!!
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