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Communion With the Lord

Do you ever have communion with The Lord, just you and Him?
It is a precious time. Sometimes I open I Corinthians 11 and read how He showed His disciples to do so; other times I look up a Verse or two on His Blood, or Flesh to remind myself of what He did and does, and will do, or I remind myself from Isaiah 53. If you have some thoughts you would like to share, I will welcome them. There are times I have communion that GOD is dealing with me on some issues, and this is the time I stop and acknowledge the fact, and read Verses that deal with me on the subject so I can confess it to Him, and keep the Verses before me afterward to remind myself of His desires until they become my own.
I hope you like my new "Communion Song"
Your Body was broken for me
Your Blood washed my conscience clean
I once was sick, my spirit broken
But now I'm healed, by Thy Word spoken.
I've been redeemed, bought with a price
It is no longer me who lives, but Christ.
I am made whole, He set me free;
Greater is He Who lives in me.
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