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Continual Acceptance

Visiting with some of our children and grand's for Father's Day sure was nice! I looked around the room during our visit and couldn't help but think to myself, "WOW! We have all been through a lot through the years!" We've seen loss of loved ones, sometimes through death; other times through painful separation. We have each experienced our share of triumphs, regrets, highlights, as well as rejections, disappointments, bodily injuries, and other health threats. But the main thing is, GOD gave us continual acceptance and grace,
and we made it!"  We made it!
You will too with your hand in His.
Keep your thoughts on the Lover of your soul
Fix your eyes on the One in control
Smell His fragrance of grace through each day
Kiss Him with a new song, and the words you say.
Don't stiffen your neck nor harden your heart
He understands when life gets hard:
He will run with you in the race and stay close;
Keep your eyes on Him, instead of your foes.
Keep your dependence on Him, not yourself;
Our GOD holds the keys to all of heaven's wealth.
If we abide in His Word, we will learn the truth;
He also promised we would bear much fruit.
We can enter in boldly before His throne.
There is nothing we ever have to go through alone.
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