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Cuddling Years

Do you ever miss the "cuddling years" with your kids? I sure do!
First, they're your cuddly huggly babies and want to be held all the time. The closer they can get to your heartbeat the better. Then, they get to the age to where when they walk by and you go out to grab them for a hug, they whimper and squirm to get away and go play. Later on, if you want to love on 'em, you've got to literally grab 'em and hold 'em down just to give 'em some sugars; but when they get a littl...e older and start have relationship problems with friends, or feeling down on themselves, they get real huggable again.
I wonder if we go through stages like that with GOD? I believe He loves us so much, He misses those huggly snuggly days we just curled up to His Heart and big strong Arms and stayed there.
While GOD's working on me, I believe I'll stay here on the wheel
While He's talking to me, I may as well stay here on the wheel
While He's restoring and drawing me close, I may as well stay here I suppose
While He's loving me, reshaping and molding me, He's The Potter, I'm the clay;
so I may as well be patient and stay here on the wheel.
Just a thought I was thinking. Anybody else feel that way?
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