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If we pray this daily, individually, GOD will answer:
Daily Prayer for the Schools:
Starting with the head, Father GOD, I pray for the ones raising these children: Awaken these parents to take responsibility for raising their own children; realizing the school’s job is not to raise them, but to educate them only. Convict the parents of sin, of righteousness, and of judgement to teach their children to read, write, and how to hold a pencil/pen. Convict them to involve themselves in every aspect of their children’s lives and to give their full attention to them. Save the parent’s souls in Jesus’ Name.
Keep GOD in the curriculums, letting morals be taught. Let no one remove historical facts. Bring back the motor skills in the students writing and learning. Don’t let technology overtake, nor over rule the fundamental foundations for learning in their reading, writing, and arithmetic we pray.
Bless the superintendents of the school, the maintenance crew, the nurses, the principals, assistant principals, the teaching staff; the administrative staff, the transportation crew; all receptionists, and secretaries; coaches; band directors, teacher’s aids; and the school board members. Bless them I pray, with safety today, with attentiveness toward what is best for the students and for one another. I pray for harmony, and that You would handpick the school board members. Bring unity between staff and students, and staff and parents for the sake of the students. I pray for discernment in both staff and parents that they may understand the student properly. I pray you would bring back the overall care and concern of each of these.
I ask You to bless our school crossing guards with safety, with fairness, being courteous without fear. I pray You will give our bus driver’s courage, and keep them alert and attentive at all times. I ask You Father to strengthen them to be patient, and that You give them wisdom to know when someone needs to be closer to the front in order to protect any child from harm.
I pray for our teachers and students Father. Let not the wicked one touch them, nor influence them to do evil. I pray protection over all of them today. I ask if any of them need protection at home, that You would make it known to the staff, and help would be given today and the help would not be prevented. I ask that You give each student the desire to learn, with the motives and purpose for their future. Help them to care about themselves, and make each teacher aware of his/her students' needs, and to vow within themselves to meet or get the help needed for them. I know teachers will delight in one or more students more than others, but I pray the teachers will not bully any student or disrespect them.
I pray for the after school pick-up traffic: that the students be safe. I ask Father for patience and politeness in the drivers. All of this is Your will, so I thank You for answering in the powerful Name of Jesus Christ Your Son, Amen.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 08-08-15
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