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Dear Mommy on Mother's Day

Please don't let them take my life,

My future depends on what you decide.
Love me enough to let me live:
You're the only one who can give
me the chance to be a blessing
to you, and to a world that is stressing!
GOD has a plan to use me in ways
that will brighten and lighten people's days!
If you cannot keep me, I will understand;
But love me enough to place me in another's hand!
I Love You!
Note: If you have ever had an abortion,
this is not to condemn you.
GOD loves you,
and will forgive you the moment you are truly sorry
and tell Him. When Jesus was on the Cross dying
for your and my sins, He cried,
"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."
If you have repented to GOD but the memory of your
Decision keeps haunting you, please know that is not
GOD reminding you of what you did.
The devil wants to torment you and shame you
for as long as he can, so you will stay away
from GOD because you don't feel worthy enough
to be heard by Him. That is a lie from hell.
Run to GOD and He will meet you on the way
He is a forgiving, loving, and compassionate Father
He is NOT pointing His Finger at you:
He is reaching out His Hand to pardon you
and lift you up to move forward.
Forgive yourself after He forgives you,
and don't do it again.
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