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Deep Inside of Who I Am

Jesus, Jesus, be Lord over me. Over every part of me.
Over my attitudes and personality. Over my weaknesses,
over everything you see:
Jesus be Lord now over me.

Lord, walk me out of my detachments
I have grown accustomed to,
Out of the entrapments, right in to You!
O, that I would love others like You do.
I try to keep myself safe from any hurt and pain,
But Jesus, that’s insane, I don’t glorify Your Name.
Let me know the love deep inside of who I am
That has been poured in me by the Great I AM.
Help me boast in my weaknesses, and boast that You are strong,
So You can use it to bring a wandering child home.
So be it! I love You! Thank You for loving me when I was at my worst.
How can I ever forget it? You blessed me while I
was living under the curse.
Your light pulled me out of every dark place;
Your kindness and mercy fills every empty space;
Your forgiveness unchained me; and when the devil framed me,
You defended me, and renamed me... a beautiful, secret name.
You've got me hooked on Your care and provision;
Your grace and intervention; and maybe I failed to mention
The fact that You will never change, gives me daily comfort that
You'll remain the same.
How can I help but love You back?
When You've always provided anything I lack,
Since the day I met You Heart to heart.
Hallelujah You will never leave, You have
been with me from the start.
And Jesus, O how I love Your Name!! I want everyone to know
why it is You came.
I ask You to remove the blindfold Lord, from these I mentioned
to You before.
Enlighten their eyes, for they grope in the dark; then for Your glory,
transplant their heart...
In Jesus' Name, Thank You Father, Amen.

"Jesus" is the Name I cry out in my pain: He will, His comfort give me.
He will come through again.
O, "Jesus" is the Name I'm singing in the rain;
For bringing living water on our thirsty land.
"Jesus" is the Name!
"Jesus" is the Name I call when I'm to blame: I confess my sins;
He washes me clean again.
"Jesus" is the Name I shout with thanksgiving; For the Victory...
I know He will bring to me. "Jesus" is the Name!
Father, I couldn't do this thing called Life, If You hadn't sent
our Son, Jesus Christ
To walk by my side, in Whom I can hide: Who lived,
Who shed His Blood and died,
Who rose from the grave so I could rise: Thank You for the
promise of newness of life!
A precious Missionary friend of ours has a saying.
When his children complain when they have to do chores,
this daddy shouts out,
"Life is hard, then you die!"
Everyone laughs who is within hearing range
because he says it so joyfully.
It is true, "Life is hard and then you die"
but there's something in the middle, and that is,
We're walking and talking with a living GOD…
On the same trail as the pilgrim's trod
Without strength and courage, we are not;
Because we're walking and talking with a living GOD.

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 11-01-15
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