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Deliver my Soul God

(For You) Psalm 116 (from my heart)
Lord, since I found out how much You love me
I can’t help but love You back;
I see my imperfections, and all that I lack.
When You first let me know You loved me
The love was almost more than I could stand;
I knew I had not earned it; still, You offered me Your big strong Hand.
I was afraid to take It, but how could I not?
You had what was missing in my life for which I had long sought.
When I was afraid, You comforted me,
You said, “Here I AM right here with thee.”
Since You heard me and gave me all You had to give,
I intend to call upon You Lord, as long as I live.
Trouble and sorrow controlled me: the thought of
losing my last breath:
That’s when I cried out to You, “Lord, please
come and hold back death!”
You did, and I’m here, pleading again
“Deliver my soul GOD, as only You can!”
Gracious, and merciful, and kind are You;
Full of compassions and longsuffering too.
“In Jesus’ Name, return to peace” I said to my soul
And to my mind, to my will, and emotions, “Be whole.”
I was greatly afflicted, but Jesus, You stayed by my side -
Now, I walk with You: You talk with me, and keep me alive.
I believe, so I speak out Your Words of Truth.
You have done so much for me. What can I do for You?
You dried my tears when You heard me calling;
I was brought low, O Lord, but You kept me from falling.
When I die to myself, like You did for me,
My death is precious in the sight of Thee.
I bring You my cup and ask for a refill
Of understanding, for insight into Your will.
And Lord, when I see it, help me to yield
And not talk back, but be humble and still.
Lord, You’ve given me strength and held me up
You restored me and filled my empty cup.
O GOD, You did it once, You can do it again:
Things I cannot receive from the help of man.
In Jesus' Name, Amen.
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