Just think of how complacent we get, and would get without disruptions.
You're in a rut, same ole' thing day after day; till you get home to find an eviction notice on your front door. Or, you've been working the same job for three years, have made good friends, and know how every piece of equipment in the office works: Boss calls you in and says they're having to cut back, and since you were the last one hired, you're the first one to go. I would say that is a big disruption.
The sudden passing of a loved one, or the emptiness you feel from them passing after a long-term illness. A person is going along fine, just feels a little sluggish, goes in for blood work, the Dr. calls them in and tells them they have 6 mths. max.

Imagine with me for a minute how the father of the prodigal son must have felt when his youngest son came in and asked for some one on one time, only to find he wanted his inheritance early. Wouldn't the father feel like he was unwanted, and had way out lived his son's expectations? Disruptions can leave you feeling numb, speechless, and out of control, which isn't always a bad thing.
Many times during GOD time at jail ministry, we will ask for a raising of hands for those who feel like they were rescued and brought to the "jail just in time." Most of them raise their hands. Some say they would have been dead pretty soon if they hadn't been caught and brought to jail.

I want to encourage you, if you have had a recent disruption in your life, turn to GOD Who knows all, sees all, and Who is the only One that can hand you a branch when you're sinking in the quicksand. GOD alone knows what got you to this place, and He alone can feel the empty spot, the place you were stolen from inside. Maybe it's time to get rid of some clutter that has accumulated. You find out what is important, and what just isn't.

have people around you to help you through; but they don't know the plan GOD had for you from the beginning. You have a decision to make: whether you will turn to a what, or a who. Drugs/alcohol can be a slow suicide, and a waste of a precious life. Let this disruption lead you to a closer walk and relationship with Jesus. You'll never regret it, and like IYou  said before, He's the only One Who knows the next move. Remember, the devil has a plan for your life too, and that is to watch you self-destruct. He would like nothing better. If you've ever played "Chess," you know you have the ability to put your opponent in "check mate" and when you do, you've got 'em where they can't move anywhere without losing.
That's what our reliance and obedience to what we know is the right thing to do does; puts the enemy of our soul in a check mate. Woohoo!! Sure hope this encouraged somebody.

   GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 01-07-15
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