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Do unto Others

When I was in Junior High, the toughest biggest white girl in the school told me she heard I let her boyfriend carry my books to class. He was Hispanic and did appear from nowhere one day between classes in the hall, grabbed my books and said he would carry them. I didn't even know him, and that's the only time he did that. The girl called me at home and told me to meet her outside in the field, and she was "goin to whoop your (blank blank)". I was so nervous because I was a peacemaker, and had enough friction at home, and sure didn't need any more.
The next day, I was sitting in last period class. A black girl passed me a note and asked, "What's wrong with you?" I passed it back and said, "Nothing." She wrote another one and asked, "Tell me. Nobody better be botherin' you. I wrote and told her the girl said she was goin' to beat me up after school. Nothing else was said. After class, I went out to meet her, not knowing what to do or how I should handle myself, when all of a sudden,5 or 6 black girls walk on around me and line up in front of me, they stood between me and the girl coming to fight me with her other friend. My team was bigger than her team, and my team says, "What?" You wanna mess with our friend, you gotta go through us!" That girl never bothered me again. I have always been grateful to them for that. Now, I didn't hardly know them either,
just talked to everybody.
Now, those girls didn't have to help me, but they were looking out for me. It has helped me to look out for those around me and care how people are doing, even though I don't know them. The world says, "Do it unto them before they have a chance to do it unto you". But Jesus says, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you". Also, "Look out for not only your own interests, but for what interests others."
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