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Eating for Strength

This morning in my spirit, I heard these words as clear as day, "Where is the house you will build for Me, says the Lord, and where is the place of My rest?" I asked Him what He meant, and He reminded me of how good I felt when I was eating for Him instead of myself; that is, when I was eating for strength alone, instead of what was "yummy, delicious, and fun".
I thanked Him for both, the warning and reminder. "He satisfies my mouth with good things, so that the strength of my youth is renewed." "I apologize, Lord ,for dropping this very important habit of eating for strength, that I might be stronger longer! Someone said, "I have known people who ate only healthy, and exercised regularly, but died pretty young."
So, this person who told me this eats anything; but the thing is, how much sooner would the people have died if they hadn't eaten healthy, or exercised regularly? So, I'm asking the Lord to help me keep focused today and for the rest of my long life, on decreasing yet more, so Jesus will increase yet more in my life.
Help me Father to be reminded often, to keep this one door to this room in my heart open to Your leading and direction, so light will shine in this room also, and my light be brighter throughout my being. In Jesus' Name,
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