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Edie’s Bedtime Prayer
I wanted to share with you a prayer my friend's five year old daughter, Edie prayed the other night.
Edie's bedtime prayer: "Jesus, please forgive us of our sins, come into our hearts, help up to have no bad dreams, to brush our teeth, to not play on the iPad too much, to take a bath if we have time, to watch tv if we have time, for Rooney to not poop on the floor, and thank you for the food we ate today and for breakfast tomorrow. Amen."

Now isn't that something how this young child can teach us how to trust GOD for tomorrow's provision? WOW! I don't know when I have thanked GOD for what He will do tomorrow.... thank you Edie for your precious trust in GOD, and for helping me to realize I need to come as a little child and trust my Heavenly Father just like that. Father GOD, Thank You for tomorrow’s provision, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Devotion by GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 03-31-15
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