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Excellence is a Habit

So, how's the keeping of the "New Year's Resolution" going for you?

For a good couple of decades, it has been said, "it takes only 21 days for one to form a new habit." But, according to statistics, science studies have determined "It takes 66 days to form a new habit." Aristotle once said, "We are what we continually do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit."

When you chew on that saying for a while, it really sticks to you. The Lord tells us from His Word, if He is calling you to better yourself in an area, "All good things come from the Father of lights" so "If the will of GOD be so, it is better to suffer for doing good than it is to suffer for doing wrong." (1 Peter 3:17).

It helps to keep notes around you with Scripture and other motivational quotations on your walls and readily available to read and confess aloud. I wrote out about 12 Scriptures in early December of last year,
and am seeing great results!!

I'd like to pray for you: Father in Heaven, in Jesus' Name, I praise You for compelling us to draw nearer to You in spirit and in truth. Thank You for pursuing us, and motivating us to want to better ourselves, and for reminding us, we are not running this race alone; but You are right here with us. Your strength is made perfect in weakness; so thank You for that too.

Father, You said, "Commit your ways unto the Lord, and your thoughts will be established" so we commit our new habit unto You, and trust You are giving us the thoughts and ideas to accomplish it. Help us keep our eyes on You, Jesus, like when Peter stepped out on the water. We ask You to instill in us the determination to stay in the race and form this habit for Your glory, for our body is not ours, but Yours.

Thank You Father in Jesus' Name, Amen.
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