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Father in Heaven, Good Morning!

In the Name of Your Son Jesus, I thank You for the restful sleep You gave, and for the fresh mercy for another day today. GOD, You are the Lord, our Redeemer. You bought us with a great price, and we are Yours. You redeemed us with stretched out Arms, with Your nail-pierced Hands and Feet so our feet could follow in Your Footsteps and be healed, so our hands would reach and our arms extend to the poor and needy. You have brought us out from und...er heavy burdens and set us free to ease the burdens of those around us, and to lead them to the One Who can set them free. You have given us the ministry of reconciliation. Help us remember this, and as we go our way today, may we make every opportunity to walk in love and let our light shine, and spread the aroma of Jesus everywhere we go. May we keep in mind we are peacemakers, not peace breakers. We are the righteousness of GOD in Christ; a new creation in Him. We can approach the presence of GOD with no condemnation of sin, for You have forgiven and cleansed our sins, for we confessed them to You and You have been faithful to forgive us, and to cleanse us from all uncleanliness.
When the devil brings them up, we'll say, "Get behind me satan, for it is written...." and quote John 1:9 to him. Father, according to Romans the 1st chapter, You have given us grace to obey anything You require of us today, so help us be willing to suffer for doing good, rather than to suffer the consequences and shame for displeasing You. Your love has been shed abroad all over our heart, so remind us to act like it, and teach us what that love looks like so we'll walk in it with all those around us. You said when we walk in it, that perfect love will cast out all our fear; for we cannot fear and love at the same time.
Thank You for loving me Lord, just as I am
You lived to show me, You really do understand,.
You see me as if I were complete, and You treat me that way;
So, I just wanted to stop by and thank you today.
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