Tag Team for Jesus Christ
For Our Forgiveness

Yes, Jesus came from Heaven and after a Virgin birth,
He lived to do the works of His Father for 33 years on earth:
He prayed in the Garden of old Gethsemane,
"Not My will O Father, but Thine be done with Me."
Each drop of His Blood spilled stood for plenteous mercy:
Also for our forgiveness, for our cleansing and purging.
But, we need to remind ourselves of something,
that is of quite importance:
We sometimes leave Jesus on the Cross, just out of ignorance.
But for us who have been born again, let us walk in what is ours:
Jesus rose Himself from the grave with His Own Resurrection Power!!
A Power stronger than death! That is, the very Love of GOD
He has shed wall to wall into our heart's abroad.
It is no longer you, nor I who lives here for ourselves:
It is the Resurrected Christ Who wants to show forth His Self!
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