Tag Team for Jesus Christ
For Our Nepal Neighbors:

Father, look at the people crying
They are hurting so deeply
Why aren't our flags flying half-mast...
O GOD, why aren't we weeping?
Many have lost their Daddy or Mother,
Or best friend in this quake;
Many have lost Sisters or Brothers,
Help them for Your Name's sake!
Send helping hands, big strong arms
And shoulders they can cry on.
Send each one Your salvation,
And someone they can rely on.
Send them hope, and healing
And fresh drinking water and food:
You see their great devastation,
Please bring a lot of good!
Use what the devil means for their harm
When You are blamed by him:
To show Your love & deep concern
To every one of them!

In Jesus' Name, Amen.
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Psalma Mama
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