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Forgotten Animals

We get more stray dogs at our house. We got really attached to the little reddish brown one we came to call, "State Farm" b/c I told her she is like "a good neighbor... always there." We put an igloo house out in the yard for her, and fed and watered her then she disappeared all of a sudden. Since she was a pup, someone probably adopted her. She was a sweetie too!
The last couple of months off and on, this little grey and white cattle dog has been coming around, but isn't a bit friendly. He has one blue eye and the other greyish. He just came around in the mornings when we fed our cats out on the porch, and in the evenings when we did the same thing, so he could bark at them to intimidate them, but it wasn't working. He is a barker, and even barks at Honey George and I, though we talk sweet to him and throw him a dog biscuit when he comes around. He hasn't been here though since the neighbors way up the road moved out, so we figured he must be their dog, but last night we got in, and here he came. We hardly recognized him b/c he was so, so skinny. He looked at us like, "please forgive me for not being friendly, but I'm hungry, will you feed me pleeeease?"
It is so frustrating to see an animal not being cared for. The woman who brought "Charlie" whose name we changed to "Ollie" called them "forgotten animals." If each of us will care for the ones in our midst though, they won't be forgotten. Let us pay closer attention too, to the people around us that may feel that way.
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