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GOD’s Rescue Team
I have looked for satisfaction- striving, aiming to be fulfilled; I have attempted to climb tall mountains, hiked through valleys, plains, and hills. I have sailed the Atlantic Ocean, I have fished on many a sea; I wrote a poem while sitting on the bank of the Mississippi.  I have driven a corvette, friends called me, “Lightning Streak.”  I’ve had times where I had plenty, and times I had nothing to eat; I’ve been strong, and I’ve been weak. I’ve been a Vegan, and I’ve loved meat.  I’ve been a Clown in a circus show; and ministered on the Mesa to the Hopi, and Navajo. I have lost and I have won, I’ve been right, and I’ve been wrong. I have wept for the loss of loved ones who’ve gone on across. I have prayed much and I have cried for those I didn’t know if they were dead or alive.  But the smartest thing I’ve ever done was, I traded my internal brokenness for Christ’s wholeness.  I confessed my sin to Him, and was born-again; I abandoned my rights, and my wants, for His; I even took back the prayers: all the things I had asked amiss. I love GOD with everything in me, because He loved me enough to take my debt collection calls for me. He took my old phone number so they would hassle Him and not me; He didn’t have to watch His Son, Jesus, die for me; but He saw I would need forgiveness, and He should punish me it would seem, but instead, He sent His Son, and some angels of earth on His rescue team.
Hallelujah Amen.
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