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God Never Changes

O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is Thy Name
On this earth and elsewhere, You are forever the same!
Nothing can change that and the fact that You reign
As King O GOD, we bow before Thy great Name.
Everything around us may change but You never will.
The devil and his are laughing, but You are GOD still.
The lost still need a Savior; the sick still need Your Touch;
The broken in heart, and wounded in spirit need You so much!
The sick need the Great Physician; the oppressed need set free;
Those who sit in darkness need to see Jesus in me!
So help Your people not to move away and fall from grace;
But to draw ever closer to Your Heart in the secret place.
If we are to fight anything, may it be our own flesh
Help us walk by faith, not by sight, so we can enter that rest.
The ones who hate us are coming out, for they're gaining
the freedom to,
They're laughing now but have no idea, they're about to bow to You!
You told us to "love" our enemies, and do good, and curse them not;
So, help us O Lord to remember, we war not against flesh and blood.
Our enemies are those we cannot see. The one's we can need You:
So fill us to overflowing O GOD with Your love
that will get us through!
In Jesus' powerful and most capable Name! Amen.
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