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God’s Thoughts

GOD's thoughts about me cannot be numbered
So, why do I give in to fear and let myself be encumbered?
GOD's mercies in plenty are fresh for me everyday
So, I don't need to fret over evil doers this way!
GOD's love is for me, so who can be against me?
He is on my side; He loves me extremely!
GOD is my Shepherd, my Portion, my Everything:
I know He can be trusted and that I'll not lack a thing.
GOD is my Present Help, He's never far away:
How can I carry on, cry and groan this way?
GOD is never late; but He is always right on time!
How else could I learn that it is His world, not mine?
GOD is my King, my Authority, my Strength:
He will never fail me: He knows where I'm weak.
He will provide and never hide from me, nor be ashamed
To walk here close beside me, and let me wear His Name.
He knows my faults and failures, and how badly I want to change
I'm so glad He looks inside my heart, and doesn't think me strange!
He listens quite attentively and hangs on to my every word:
I open my mouth wide, for Him to feed me like a tiny bird.
He fills me with His living bread, then I go about my day:
How could anyone ignore or reject a GOD Who loves this way?

By GOD's grace in Dawn Gwin 11-15-15 10:00 a.m.
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